I can’t remember the last time I cried. I’ve tried thinking of it. But my mind goes blank. I don’t know when this change happened. It’s one of those gradual things where it creeps up on you and you wake up one day and realize that… you’re happy.

Dancing in the rain, constantly laughing, smiling kind of happy. The living in the moment, being nothing but your unapologetic confident self kind of happy.

Happier than you’ve been in years. And it’s not because of a boy or materialistic thing or a change in your life. It’s because you finally learned to love yourself. That you are all you ever will need. That no matter how hard life is at times, you will always be independent enough to pick up the pieces of shattered glass and rebuild the shards in a way that is much more beautiful.

Because although glass, when shattered, is sharp and if you’re not careful you’ll bleed from cleaning it up, it glitters in the sunlight. It sparkles and reflects in ways nothing else does. Each time put back together, some pieces are too small or broken to be built back in and those are left behind, usually for the better.

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